Electronic posters (ePosters) will be prepared in PowerPoint and displayed for the duration of the meeting on the Delegate App and on flat screen monitors in the trade and catering area. Poster slides will rotate automatically and each will be shown for one minute duration at a time. Delegates will be able to pause individual posters to view them in more detail.

ePosters Due: COB 1st October 2018

ePoster Slide Upload
Please use the template and instructions below to prepare you ePoster slide. Ensure your submission is named with the meeting name and the last and first name of the first (submitting) author: ANZBA2018_Lastname_Firstname

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ePoster Abstracts:  Your word abstract document will also be included in the Delegate App.  You can use this document for additional information such as references.  If you wish to update your abstract please send it to the ANZBA 2018 secretariat at mail@conferencedesign.com.au.

ePoster # Title  Author
1 Appropriate first aid in chemical burn injury Dr Daniel Calandro
2 Factor XII Deficiency in a patient with severe burns: A case study Dr Isobel Yeap
3 Therapy-Related outcome measures in burn care: A literature review Pei Fen Seah
4 The use of a unique silicone-lined thermoplastic to fabricate a portfolio of head and face orthoses to manage burn scar hypertrophy Jonathan Niszczak
5 Honey as an alternative dressing to reduce infections in Wounds – A literature review Peter Stone
6 “Its All Very Complex!” Anna Lucia
7 Improving graft take to burns on the hand with Acticoat Flex 3 Dr Delvin Elliott
8 Improving skin graft donor site scarring with Mepilex Transfer Ag Dr Delvin Elliott
9 Mextra Superabsorbent as a new skin graft donor site dressing Dr Delvin Elliott
10 Waging the War on Scars: Setting the therapy scene for success! Dr Stephanie Wicks
11 Case Review: The use of Telehealth Services for specialist facial burn Hannah Leitch
12 Economic evaluation of the utilization of 3-Dimensional Gait Analysis (3DGA) to improve the pattern of follow-up treatment service utilization, costs and recovery of burns patients with complex movement disorders Dr Robyn Grote
13 Management of first web space contracture in a severely burned patient Dr William Ziaziaris
14 In a flash- A case report of magic paper burns Dr Alicia Miers
15 Perioperative temperature regulation of patients in burns operating theatre Nithivadee Wattanaparada
16 Promulgating the signals of burn prevention and correct first aid treatment of burn injury Tze Wing Wong
17 Major burn in a 6 week old baby: A Case Report Dr Hsu Phie Chong
18 Honey dressing versus foam dressing on paediatric burns: Comparison of healing rate Nurazlin Mohd Azman
19 Retrospective case series of Keragel or Biobrane on paediatric facial burns Herni Lutfiah Hussein
20 75 years on from the Coconut Grove nightclub fire: The birth of modern burns care Dr Steven Cook
21 Scar management protocol at RNSH Burns Unit: Intra-lesional steroid injections in the management of hypertrophic burns scars Dr Harriet Semple
22 Construct validity of Dermoscopy in measuring vascularity of Hypertrophic Scars (HS) Huan Deng
23 Neonatal Burn at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, South Australia Dr Hsu Phie Chong